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kristina, 19.
I believe in hope.
I believe in love.
I believe in myself.
I'm off on a journey to find myself in this vast world and I can't wait to see what's in store for me.

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Anonymous Asked:
It's a great way to live (: Ahh I can be that way too! What's your essay topic? I would love to study abroad so I can meet more people and experience a different way of living (: They're giving some good advice. My Bree said what I said just last night The excitement will help move you towards your goals (:

My answer:

It really is :) Thank goodness it’s not just me lol and it’s an analysis essay and I was trying to do it on the books that we’re reading for class but I was uninterested and super uninspired so I changed last minute to a scholarly journal on college drinking and smoking and it’s much more interesting to research now. Exactly! Seriously we’re so alike it’s crazy. I decided that my last semester I’m for sure going to Spain for the entire semester because I want to experience a place outside of my ‘nest’. I agree, I’m going to be going into 20 with a whole new mindset :) Oh okay, similar Bri/Bree’s haha. I agree :) 

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

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Anonymous Asked:
Always hopeful. You've got it English buddy! How's that essay coming along? You've got a lot of subjects covered there. Haha Meeting people and hearing their stories makes life rewarding for me (: It's good to take a step back and refocus on things sometimes. Venting definitely is (: You've got it! 👍

My answer:

That’s how I live my life :) haha thankssss, this essay will literally be the death of me, like honestly I love English but I get anxiety when I’m doing papers because I want them to be perfect and ugh I’m just a little stressed over this right now. I do haha thank God for older siblings who are willing to help. I couldn’t agree more :) Yeah, you sounds a lot like my Bri right now, she literally just said the same thing and my siblings have been telling me to take a step back too. Thanks :) the prospect of being a doctor is intimidating, stressful and a little scary but I really am excited

Anonymous Asked:
It's okay, maybe they'll get along some day. Haha. English buddies 👍 It's great when your siblings are good at a subject and they can help you out (: Ah okay. You have a back up buddy just in case you need help (: You're welcome (: thank you (: I'm a little outspoken but I love getting to know people and their stories (: We're still friends and we talk a little, I'm kind of hoping that we'll work out later on. Thank you. You can vent to me as well (: Orthopedics, she's finishing her doctorate

My answer:

It’s always good to be hopeful. Definitely English buddies haha speaking of I am crashing and burning with this analysis essay I have to crank out by tomorrow blehhhh. Yeah it is haha my sister will proof read my essays for me and my brother helps out with OChem and math. You are speaking my language haha I’m loud but I love to hear about other people and how they see the world and what they’re going through. It’s just so interesting and you never know when you’ll make a new friend :) Oh okay, yeah I think I’ll always hold out hope that one day we can make things work but right now I’m trying to focus on me and school and my family. Venting is always helpful :) oh wow that’s really cool, I’ve got another 7 years till my doctorate >.< but I’m determined :)

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"If the moon smiled, she would resemble you.
You leave the same impression
Of something beautiful, but annihilating."

Sylvia Plath   (via mrsawyerford)